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Krisaki Motorcycles India launch planned for July 2015, a venture by Krish Travels UK

One of which is Krisaki motorcycles, which has a range of cheap bikes and scooters of different segments. According to the company, they have high quality offerings in 125 to 1,700 cc segments. Based in Kerala, Krisaki is planning to establish presence in ever-growing Indian two-wheeler market in coming July with a diverse product range in 125 to 800 cc classes.

Krisaki Motorcycles India launch to bring scooters, cruisers and sports bikes, in Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 4,00,000 price range (ex-showroom). Here is the Indian product lineup of Krisaki Motorcycles with brief specifications:

Krisaki Dico 125 – Entry-level 125 cc scooter with 7.2 bhp power, managing to claim top speed of 90 kmph. It sports hot features like front disc brake, front telescopic fork, double rear shocks and keyless starting system.

Krisaki Leona 125 – A higher variant of Dico 125 with alloy wheels, LED lights and large under-seat storage space.

Krisaki Strong – It is an entry-level cruiser style bike with 150cc engine capable of 14.68 PS max power and 12.89 Nm peak torque. As this is a cruiser for city, it has only 8-litre fuel tank.

Krisaki Power 3 – This is a spruced up variant of Krisaki Strong with 16-litre fuel tank and choice of six body colours.

Krisaki Lion 150 – This is yet-another version with same 150 cc engine as in Strong and Power 3 that claims 55 kmpl mileage, with styling difference to show.

Krisaki Binser 150 – It is an entry-level sports bike with full fairing, dual headlamps and 150 cc engine managing 13.77 bhp and 105 kmph top speed. The bike has disc brakes upfront and at rear.

Krisaki 250 D – A high-on-mileage imitation of Harley-Davidson Superlow with 250 cc engine and 120 kmph top speed. Claimed fuel efficiency is 45 to 50 kmpl.

Krisaki 800 DZ – Top of the line model for India with 800 cc engine, 25-litre fuel tank, disc brakes with four-piston callipers and belt drive.

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Even we are thinking of the same thing. How will this unheard of company managed to launch itself in India, which is a brand conscious market. Most of their products look like photoshopped of existing products in the market, while their official website hardly gives an impression of a motorcycle manufacturer. Not only the website is difficult to navigate, but there are spelling mistakes!

Though Krisaki says they plan on launching itself by July 2015 in India, we think it is highly unlikely.

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