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Will the New KTM 1190 Adventure be the World’s Safest Motorcycle?

The new technology is known as Motorcycle Stability Control, or MSC. Although the current models of the 1190 Adventure bike already come equipped with an antilock braking system and traction control, the addition of the MSC will make KTM bikes even safer.

MSC Features

Developed jointly with BOSCH, KTM’s new stability control system is meant to provide a number of safety functions. It is designed to prevent the bike’s wheels from slipping or skidding when the bike leans to the left or right, and can minimise righting when the driver brakes while leaning. If the driver stops suddenly, the MSC is designed to prevent the driver from rolling over, and also prevents any rear wheel skidding while leaning over to one side. During acceleration, the stability control helps prevent the front wheel from rising off the ground. These new functions work together with the 1190 Adventure’s existing brake force distribution and traction control to offer a fuller, more adventurous riding experience.

Although existing stability systems can help protect the driver during acceleration and slowdown, the new MSC system is unique in that it supports the driver around corners or other situations in which they’re leaning over. Brake forces are applied smoothly and evenly, to help stabilize the vehicle around tight corners and when braking in tight spaces. Normally, heavy braking or acceleration during a lean angle could lead to loss of control of the vehicle, but the MSC uses sensors on the front, rear, and tilt of the bike. These sensors are able to register pitch angles, inclinations, and wheel rotations to keep the bike as stable as possible.

The MSC system also works to apply the correct amount of brake force in different situations, according to the amount of pressure needed. By activating the pressure modulator of both the front and rear wheels of the bike, pressure can be controlled to the fraction of a second necessary before reaching the braking limit. The combined effect of all of these features means that drivers are able to push their bikes to the limits of the machine, without worrying about crashing or rolling over. Riders will be able to push themselves to try out new braking limits at high speeds, for a more daring and exhilarating performance. At the same time, safety comes first.


Although the MSC system will be rolled out as standard for the 2014 KTM 1190 Adventures, if you’re interested in current KTM offers on bikesales.com.au or other listings sites the technology can also be retrofitted to 2013 models. With this new level of electronic traction and stability control, the KTM 1190 Adventurer could become the world’s safest motorcycle, giving riders a more adventurous riding experience overall. New features like this could help KTM become a more valid contender in the Asian market, with existing cooperation with partner company Bajaj Auto Ltd. The new MSC technology could make the KTM 1190 Adventure a standout model, worldwide.

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