KTM and Husqvarna recall motorcycles for defective fork piston

No incidents have been reported thus far, but KTM is getting in touch with owners of the specified models to stop riding until they get the front fork fixed at the nearest authorized dealer. The problem is that front fork piston could jam anytime resulting in total cease-function of the equipment while riding.

Affected KTM and Husqvarna bikes are models riding on two-stroke engines with displacement ranging between 125 and 300 cc, and four-stroke between 250 cc and 450 cc.

Major catastrophe is not expected but it could severely harm neck and shoulder for starters, if the front fork gets stuck while hitting a hard bump or ditch on road. But off-road, imagine an enduro bike with no shocks!

A total of 2,864 KTM and 457 Husqvarna motorcycles are affected, all belonging to 2015 model year series. The bikes with faulty front suspension were sold between June and October last year. Upon inspection if the forks are found to be defective, they will be replaced free of charge. Those who aren’t sure if their bikes belong to 2015 model year, they may check their VIN number for letter F in 10th digit / position.

To avoid stories of low-quality Indian manufacturing that get cooked up whenever there is a fault with KTM bikes, the company has announced that these faulty bikes were produced in Austria. This confirms that the recall list does not include Duke 125, Duke 200 or Duke 390 and their respective RC twins, as these six are manufactured in India.