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KTM Duke 200 stolen – Thieves go to KTM service centre with bike to get new lock and key

Dear all,

Warning: TL; DR

I have been thinking to write this for a long time ago.

This is the story of how I lost my bike because of useless KTM Mogappair Service Centre (Chennai), TN Police and Bajaj Alliance Insurance Ltd are able to do nothing about it even after providing substantial evidence of suspect.

“I owned a KTM Duke 200 (MH14 FB0280), bought in August’2015 while I was in Pune. Last year during December I got shifted to Chennai for a job.

I parked my bike at ground floor of my residence with sidelocked condition on 16’March2017.

It was stolen between 8pm of 16’March2017 and 8am of 17’March2017 by breaking sidelock of my bike. Immediately I gave complaint at Police Station.

Got FIR for that on 22’March2017 (after 5 days). On 28’March2017, I got a call from Mogappair KTM Service Centre (KLN Automobiles Ltd) regarding a customer feedback for a repair work done on my bike.

I told them my bike got stolen already and how it is possible to service it. They told someone brought my bike with a TN register no. (TN20 BE 4848) on 21’March2017 and got it repaired on 22’March2017. I visited the service centre next day and enquired about my bike. It has been found that 3 guys gave my bike for replacing entire lock kit including sidelock and rear left footrest (which was already broken). As per the information given by service centre lady who does all the billing works and feedback, before giving bike for service the culprits visited the service centre to check whether sidelock kit is available for separate sale but service centre people told them that they won’t sell separately and it will be replaced only at service centres. So, the next day, they brought my bike with a fake TN no. plate and got it repaired. I was unable to download CCTV footage video but got pictures of suspect from those videos. Only 2 of 3 guys were caught on CCTV. I have collected details of that repair job as well. I have shown photos of those suspects and other service details to police on 31’March2017. Police asked me to bring photo prints of it. When I tried to give photo prints on 03’April2017, police didn’t utter a word about the suspects and told they lost the details which I have already provided. And again I tried to submit photo prints, police were not interested in looking into my case and postponed it.

Initially police not even considered me to file a case against bike theft. The FIR I got it for this case also happened only after I sent complaint letter thro’ a registered post.

The idea was suggested by a lawyer (a friend).”

The following are the experiences I had with these 3 entities.

KTM Mogappair Service Centre:
KTM Mogappair service centre people are so lethargic to cross question the suspects by asking ID proof of owner. Service centre in-charge was telling, he gave bike because one guy told him he is the owner. I doubt KTM’s service and delivery policy. While owning 2 original keys by myself, how it is possible for them to take repair job of a bike without asking for the key and smartcard? When billing was made thro’ KTM portal, the bill was generated with original owner info. (my details). So, while delivering, showroom security quarrelled with the suspect that he won’t allow bike for delivery since there is a discrepancy in bike no’s. On bill it was printed MH14 FB0280 with my Pune address whereas on bike it was TN20 BE4848. I strongly condemn KTM Mogappair service centre guys for this lethargic act. If they could have cross verified the owner info, I would have got my bike now.

Police Station:
On the day my bike was stolen, I had to wait at Police Station for a whole day to give my complaint. Initially I requested police take my complaint at least for the sake. I kept on begging them to take complaint because if the culprits uses my bike for any illegal activities, then I would become the victim. Since I’m the only earning member of my family, I asked them to consider it. But I was humiliated and harassed. Police were telling me to go to Pune where I bought my bike and give complaint there. They were not even paying heed to my problems. They asked me what I was doing. I said, “I’m working at Renault-Nissan, Mahindra City.” In reply they asked me whether I’m a CL labour or an operator. Whoever I was, is this the way of treating a common man? Even the police started suspecting me whether truly I own a bike or not. They were discussing themselves that this guy might not have a bike (based on my appearance) but came here to file a case just like that. Who will go to police station just to file a fake case unless the person is a fraudulent? That night at 10.30pm, the sub-inspector took my complaint just for the sake and didn’t utter anything. I pleaded him to give an acknowledgement for the complaint he took. He doesn’t want to give one even after I pleaded him so much. I asked them shall I visit next day as well. Simply they said, “seri seri” (ok ok). Eventually next day I went but it was crowded too much. I contacted a lawyer friend and he suggested me to send formal complaint via registered post. The next Tuesday I have sent complaint letter. Then Wednesday itself, police called me and gave FIR immediately. I realised they trust only registered post and not the people. And still there is no progress in my case despite strong evidence of suspect.

I agree that I didn’t have Non-Objection Certificate from RTO for using it in Tamilnadu. I have submitted all documents to get NOC there but I had to visit Pune again for signing few documents in front of RTO. It was not even 3 months I came to Chennai. Clearly I can see, this is a well-executed theft.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Ltd:
The day I lost my bike, I have registered for claim with Bajaj Allianz. Immediately they took my request and gave an ID for claiming. Initially they told me that I have to visit the head office in Arumbakkam to submit all the original documents and keys of bike. The staff were nice to me. The staff who took my claim told me to submit NOC (Notice To Complainants report) which will be provided at police station after 90 days of FIR registered. Since my bike was in loan I had to foreclose it in-order to get NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Bajaj Finance Ltd, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune. In between, an investigator from Bajaj Allianz had to visit the location where theft happened and collect witness’s signature. The investigator guy was not interested to visit my flat even after numerous follow-ups and he was getting tensed whenever I called him to check status. Saying, “Are you the only one who lost bike? We have to look all the cases. You have to wait till I call”. Still I am absolutely clueless with the words he spoke. I don’t know where the problem is. I have to blame Bajaj Allianz Ltd for this shameless act. I think Bajaj Allianz is not guiding their employees about customer service.

I have paid insurance worth Rs. 4000/- per year. When I asked the reason they told for premium bikes, insurance fee will be high. If this is the case, then they should act accordingly for the money I paid for my bike.

For the people who doubt the authenticity of this write-up, you can inbox me. I can provide you the soft copy of original documents and FIR.

Kind request to all bike users in Chennai, never ever park your bike in theft prone zones like secluded areas where you don’t have any securities. Even with the CCTV monitoring, thieves still manage to execute the theft.

For KTM owners, immediately contact KTM India Sales and Service Office and request to block your engine and chassis no. So, when someone bring your bike for any repair work, they won’t be able to generate bill.

Any information regarding my bike theft is welcome.

So far, I have contacted few Facebook popular persons to post this on their timeline. They’re not willing to respond. Anyway here I’m posting it from my profile. Please share maximum to spread awareness.

Bike Details:
Model : KTM Duke 200
Colour : Orange
Reg. No. : MH14 FB0280
Chassis No. : VBKJUC4C4FC043731
Engine No. : 590625551


Thanks to reader Kathir Elango, who using the VAHAAN service, has managed to find out the details of the fake no plate used by the thieves. This is as follows.

Vehicle Number : TN20BE4848
Owner Name : MUNUSAMY S
Registration Authority : RTO, TIRUVALLUR, TAMIL NADU
Registration Date: 23-Feb-2011
Vehicle Model : BAJAJ AUTO LTD, PULSAR 150
Vehicle Class : MOTOR CYCLE
Vehicle Type : PETROL

Bike Theft Suspects Bike at the KTM outlet for changing locks. Bike Theft Suspects Bike Theft Suspects Mogappair KTM Service Details Mogappair KTM Service Details Mogappair KTM Service Details Mogappair KTM Service Details

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