KTM Duke 250, RC 250 to be manufactured in India at Bajaj Auto plant in Pune

During the end of last September, 9 units of KTM Duke 250 which, were manufactured in Bajaj-KTM Chakan plant, were exported to the Orange brand’s hometown in Austria. A few days later, in October, 2014, 7 units of KTM RC 250 followed.

KTM Duke 200 390 dealership
All the KTM Dukes and RCs from 125 to 390 distributed throughout the world, even Austria, have been manufactured in Bajaj-KTM plant in Chakan.
So, it is not only logical but also cost effective, to produce upcoming KTM Duke 250 and RC 250 in India, for markets worldwide. It is unclear where all these models will be exported to, but it is pretty clear now that they will be made here.

KTM Duke 250 India exportHowever, it is too early to speculate if Bajaj Auto will launch KTM RC 250 and Duke 250 in India, given the possibility of them cannibalising the 200s if they are released here. But considering that the 200s don’t have ABS and the 250s do, pricing of the latter (if launched in India) would actually be closer to the 390s.

KTM RC 250 India exportCurrently, price of: KTM Duke 200 is Rs. 1,38,327, KTM Duke 390 is Rs. 1,90,328, KTM RC 200 is Rs. 1,66,738 and RC 390 is Rs. 2,13,506. With price difference of around Rs. 50,000, the 200s and 390s are managing to not step on each others’ toes. If the KTM 250 twins launch here, expect their pricing to be closer to the 390s by Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 20,000.

(All prices are ex-showroom New Delhi)