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KTM Duke 390 catches fire at fuel station (Video)

Rush Lane reader has managed to capture a video on his phone, which shows a KTM Duke 390 catches fire, which in no time engulfs the entire bike. The incident took place at a petrol pump, and was recorded on their CCTV camera. The video was then captured on a phone, when it was being streamed on a computer screen. You can watch the same video below.

So what happens here in the over 2 minute video? Initial impression suggests that the Duke 390 caught fire due to engine overheating. The video clearly shows that the fire starts from the engine belly of Duke 390. As we have already heard some complaints about the overheating problems with 390’s engine, we too deduce the same.

But, on closer inspection and carefully studying the video, frame by frame, we are sure that the culprit is not the engine of Duke 390. The culprit in this particular case is the not-so-attentive rider, or the fuel pump attendant.

If you look carefully, you will notice that when the video begins, the fuel pump is already filling the tank of Duke 390. The rider and the attendant then get busy, what looks like a payment process. After a few seconds, while the rider is still looking in his wallet for change, the attendant realizes that the Duke 390 tank has been filled. He then tries to remove the fuel pump, but by then it is too late. The petrol spills from the tank, onto the engine, from where it catches fire.

Within a second, the entire Duke 390 is engulfed in flames, right next to the fuel pump. The attendant flees the spot, while its rider manages to get himself away from the bike, but not before his pants are on fire. The next instant, one brave attendant runs to the motorcycle which is now a huge ball of fire, while another pump attendant runs to the rescue of the biker.

The pump attendant who first reached the spot, gets help from a second attendant and they somehow get hold of a fire extinguisher. Soon they are joined by a few others and more fire extinguishers. About a minute later, the fire is finally doused.

If it was not for the brave attendants, the entire fuel station could have caught fire, causing a major blast. Luckily, no one was seriously injured in this mishap. We would request readers to be more attentive at when at petrol pumps.

KTM RC200 burnt completely.

In another case, which has come to light, a KTM RC 200 sports bike too has been engulfed in flames. The image above was also sent by a reader, who claims that the bike caught fire due to engine overheating.

UPDATE 1: Readers Gautham and Emmanuel have claimed that the KTM RC 200 in the photo above, was not burnt due to engine overheating, but it was burnt by some jealous miscreants.

UPDATE 2: Reader Arun Kumar has had the following to add

It is custom painted Duke 200 and not 390 that is seen in the video. The safety valve of the petrol gun didn’t work and the fuel had over-flown. The rider was filling full tank as he was on his way to IBW. The over-flowing petrol spilled on the engine which triggered the fire. The rider suffered burns in his right arm and thighs and is recovering well. i wish all the readers to pray for his speedy recovery.

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