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KTM Duke 390, RC 390 Rs 12,000 performance upgrade gets you an insane 55 PS

Mantra Racing, a motor racing and automotive design house based in Bengaluru, has come up with a bolt-on performance upgrades for KTM motorcycles on sale in India. These performance parts are suited for KTM Duke 390 and Duke 200 besides RC 390 and 200 motorcycles. Owners of these bikes can purchase these bolt on parts which will distinctly enhance the performance of the motorcycles.

The performance parts include a Stage 1 ECU flash suited for KTM 390 Duke and RC 390. It is priced at Rs 12,000 and considerably enhances mid range torque and lower end power performance while having only a marginal effect on fuel efficiency.

Fitting of this part sees maximum power at 53.25 bhp (55 PS) and torque at 39.2 Nm which is a significant rise from the power and torque figures seen on the stock model which stands at 42.90 bhp and 36 Nm.

Stage 2 ECU flash also suited for KTM 390 Duke and RC 390 is also priced at Rs 12,000. Owners of these bikes can couple the Stage 2 ECU with TBM drop in replacement filter which will augment performance but not affect fuel efficiency. This performance part with Mantra Racing TBM air filter along with a Titanium Exhaust system produces 55.1 bhp (57+ PS) power and 38.2 Nm torque.

For owners of KTM 200 Duke and RC 200, Mantra Racing has introduced Stage 1 ECU flash and Stage 2 ECU flash, both of which are priced at Rs 9,500. The design house also offers TBM replacement panel filters with synthetic woven cotton polyester filter and painted in Mantra Racing Blue with superfine SS312 black mesh. The entire assembly, which is priced at Rs 2,700, is encased in a high temperature resistant EPDM rubber gasket.

KTM owners who opt for these aftermarket parts should keep in mind that though these parts would enhance efficiency, are reasonably priced and has little impact in fuel efficiency, it does negate the company warranty.

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