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KTM Duke 390 rider attempting to become fastest to cover Golden Quadrilateral, meets with accident

Rupesh Bhadula, aka Sonu Speedstrikers, is a well known rider from Roorkee in Uttarakhand. He along with his friend Vimlendu Bhatt set a new record a few weeks back – of completing the Char Dham Yatra on a motorcycle in the least possible time. For this feat, the duo have also entered in the Limca Book of Records. Read more about that journey here.

Sonu owns a motorcycle accessories and modification shop in Roorkee. The name of his shop is Speedstrikers. Earlier this month, he started from Delhi on his KTM Duke 390, to create a new record for the fastest Golden Quadrilateral on a motorcycle. Sadly, he has met with an unfortunate accident this morning. You can see his journey map here.

KTM Duke 390 of Sonu after the accident.

As per an update via Sohail Khan, this is what happened – “Sonu Speedstrikers who was on his attempt of Golden quadrilateral met with a bad incident. Reaching Chennai safely in morning, Arun (local of chennai) was escorting Sonu on highway to make sure he does not enter city and save time. Sadly, a dog suddenly crossed his way. Just for saving dogs life he made a panic braking which resulted in skid.”

The bike too fell. Unfortunately, he was carrying fuel cans with him. These got spilled on the road and on the bike. A spark resulted in the petrol catching fire. Within minutes the entire bike and all his belongings were engulfed in flames. Luckily, Sonu escaped and the fire did not catch him. The main reason for fire was the fuel cans which he was carrying got the spark after the fall.

Sonu’s bike on fire.

Sonu is fit and fine, no need to worry. His number is not working as his mobile also got burnt because it was attached with mobile holder. He will be returning back tomorrow by flight.

Dangers of attempting Records on Indian Roads

Until road safety measures are implemented, preventing accidents is difficult. Since highways pass through umpteen villages and catchment areas, often times there’s no highway boundary that prevents locals / strays from exiting and getting on the highway easily. This is true for people crossing highways based on practice and need, since there’s very few footbridges or underpasses that facilitate safe crossing.

The KTM Duke 390 was fitted with accessories made at his own shop.

There’s also slow moving tractor trailers ferrying local produce to marketplaces. This apart there’s animals that enter the highway. A herd of cattle is dangerous because animal behaviour is unpredictable and most times one doesn’t factor in a cow standing in the fast lane, or anywhere in the highway. Even more dangerous are stray dogs who are in the habit of running through traffic to save themselves and are involved in a high number of road accidents.

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