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KTM Duke 200, 250, 390, RC200, RC390 – Post GST price list for every Indian city

Post GST effect has caused KTM India to revise prices of their entire range. Here is the detailed price list.


Following introduction of Goods and Services Tax GST coming into effect from 1st July 2017, KTM India has announced a revision in prices as have a number of other bike and car makers in the country.

Under the GST regulations, all bikes below 350cc will witness a price reduction to the tune of 2% while bikes with cubic capacity of 350cc and above will attract an additional 1% cess thus causing bike makers to increase prices.

KTM price change, applicable from 1st July 2017. The new price list shows that the price of the same bike has been reduced in some states, while price of the same bike has gone up in some states. For example, price of Duke 200 has been reduced by INR 6,355 in Orissa. While the price of the same bike has gone up by INR 2,100 in Pondicherry. Same is the case with KTM RC 200. Price of RC 200 has declined in all states except for Pondicherry. Below is the detailed price list.

KTM Duke 200, RC 200 Post GST Price List

KTM Duke 250 Post GST Price List

Price of new Duke 390 and RC 390 has seen a further fluctuation. In half of the states, prices of KTM flagship have been increased, while in other half they have decreased. Below is the detailed price list.

KTM Duke 390, RC 390 Post GST Price List