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KTM India Jan 2020 sales, exports – 125, 200, 250, 390 ADV, Duke and RC

The KTM range in India is now BS6 compliant with prices at a premium over their BS4 counterparts. Here is how their sales in domestic market as well as exports stood for Jan 2020.

KTM has successfully launched their BS6 range of Duke and RC models in India which includes the 125, 200, 250 and 390 range. While the other BS6 compliant models are already on sale, the KTM 125 Duke and RC 125 will go on sale from later this month. Prices of the BS6 compliant models have been increased by Rs.3,328 and 10,496 over the BS4 compliant counterparts.

Taking into account domestic sales in January 2020, it may be noted from the attached table that domestic sales have been quite positive. Sales figures of the KTM Duke and RC range stood at 5,065 units, up 28.72 percent over sales of 3,935 units sold in the same month of the previous year.

DomesticKTM Duke, RC SalesJan 2020Jan 2019Diff%
1KTM 1252,1761,40277455.21
2KTM 2001,5011,946-445-22.87
3KTM 250706308398129.22
4KTM 390682279403144.44
5KTM 790000
ExportsKTM Duke, RC SalesJan 2020Jan 2019Diff%
1KTM 3903,4762,58189534.68
2KTM 1251,7642,104-340-16.16
3KTM 20071049121944.60
4KTM 25032184237282.14
5KTM 790000
TotalDomestic + Exports11,3369,1952,14123.28

When taking into account sales numbers, it was noted that the KTM 125 was the highest seller with 2,176 units sold, up 55.21 percent as against 1,402 units sold in January 2019. However, percentage wise, the KTM 390 noted the most increase in sales, up 144.44 percent to 682 units sold in January 2020 as compared to 279 units sold in January 2019.

Sales of the KTM 200 however, dipped 22.87 percent to 1,501 units in the past month but sales of the KTM 250 increased 129.22 percent to 706 units in January 2020, up from 308 units sold in January 2019. Despite being offered at a hefty discount of Rs.1 lakh, the KTM 790 Duke, the highest displacement KTM motorcycle on sale in India, failed to draw the attention of any buyers in the country.

In terms of exports, KTM reported a 19.22 percent increase. Total exports in January 2020 stood at 6,271 units as against 5,260 units exported in January 2019. It was the KTM 390 that was at the top of the export charts with 3,476 units exported, up 34.68 percent as against 2,581 units exported in January 2019. The high surge in exports for the KTM 390, is believed due to the recent launch of 390 Adventure. RC and Duke 390 demand continues to be same as before, but it is the addition of 390 Adventure which has pushed the exports of the 390 range higher.

KTM 125 was the only model that posted a de-growth in terms of exports with 1,764 units exported while the KTM200 and KTM 250 both saw positive demand at 710 units and 321 units respectively. As was the case with domestic sales, the KTM 790 failed to find any takers in export markets as well.

Speaking about total sales of KTM India in Jan 2020, including domestic as well as exports, that number stood at 11,336 units as against 9,195 units sold in Jan 2019. This is a growth of 23.28 percent.

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