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KTM India Sales Sep 2022 – Duke, RC, 200, 250 390 ADV

KTM India sales and exports total for Sep 2022 nears 14k, with a staggering 71% growth YoY

KTM MotoGP Edition
KTM MotoGP Edition

Amidst the festive season, KTM’s domestic sales have bloomed in both YoY and MoM analysis. This couldn’t be said about the Austrian brand’s performance in August 2022. When the dust settles in the ring, it is actually the 200 series that comes out at the top in domestic and total sales. KTM 390 series of motorcycles still hold strong in exports.

KTM 200 series include Duke and RC bikes that sold 3,970 units last month over 2,326 units sold a year before and 1,757 units sold a month before. In effect, a 70.68% YoY growth and 125.95% MoM growth were registered. In KTM’s domestic sales, 200s constitute 47.82% share, up from 41.29% a month before. Volume gain stood at 1,644 units YoY and 2,213 units MoM.

KTM Sales Sep 2022

After 200s, we have 250s that pushed out 2,160 units in September 2022 and registered 84.14% YoY growth and 53.74% MoM growth. Volume growth stood at 987 units YoY and 755 units MoM with a 26.02% share in domestic sales. 390s saw 1,506 units sold and registered a staggering 303.75% YoY growth and 81.45% MoM growth and holds an 18.14% share.

125s take the last spot by only selling 666 units in September 2022, despite its lower pricing. YoY growth stood at 14.39% and MoM growth stood at 153.23%. In total, KTM’s domestic sales stood at 8,302 units with 86.39% YoY growth and 95.11% MoM growth. Volume gain stood at 3,848 units YoY and 4,047 units MoM.

KTM Sales Sep 2022 - Domestic
KTM Sales Sep 2022 – Domestic

KTM sales Sep 2022 for exports are topped by 390s. 2,210 units were shipped last month over 893 units shipped in September 2021 and 3,672 units shipped in August 2022. With these figures, 390s register 147.48% YoY growth and a 39.81% MoM drop in sales. 390’s market share is 39.05%, down from 41.23% the previous month.

200s fall completely in the red with a 15.44% YoY drop and a 12.96% MoM drop. With 1,900 units sold in September 2022, 200s hold 33.57% of KTM’s exports, up from 24.51% previous month. 125s shipped 978 units and registered a 53.25% MoM drop over 2,092 units sold in August 2022. Volume loss stood at 1,114 units.

Lastly, we have 250s which only managed to ship 571 units. It still registered 53.24% YoY growth and a drop of 40.52% MoM and only constitute 10.09% of KTM’s exports. In total, KTM managed to ship 5,659 units and registered 53.24% YoY growth and a drop of 36.47% MoM. KTM’s exports saw a sharp drop in sales MoM across its portfolio and falls in the red entirely.

KTM Sales Sep 2022 - Exports
KTM Sales Sep 2022 – Exports

KTM Sep 2022 – Total Sales

In total sales are accounted for, 200 series takes the lead, which was 390s in August 2022. KTM registers positive growth across its portfolio in terms of YoY analysis. However, 390 and 125 registered de-growth in MoM analysis in September 2022.

200s sold 5,870 units, 390s sold 3,716 units, 250s sold 2,731 units and 125s sold 1,644 units. In total, KTM’s sales stood at 13,961 units last month over 8,147 units in September 2021 and 13,162 units in August 2022 and registered 71.36% YoY growth and 6.07% MoM growth.

KTM Sales Sep 2022 - Total
KTM Sales Sep 2022 – Total
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