Does KTM RC 390 have inherent gearshift link / gearbox problem?

Avid RushLane reader Jai Prakash from Perambalur district of Tamil Nadu spoke with us regarding a surprising number of issues with his KTM RC 390. He was the first customer to take delivery of an RC 390 in the district of Trichy as his place does not have a KTM dealership yet.

KTM RC 390 gear link problem 1
This is a good example of how just a little nut has the potential to cause a fatal accident, any nut actually.

Apart from few niggling issues that couldn’t be corrected even after first service, his bike now has a peculiar yet life threatening problem. The gear shifter link (part of the mechanism from shift pedal to shaft) gets separated from the system due to loosening of fastener and falls hanging on one pivot, while riding!

It was fixed, meaning bolted back into place, yet same has happened twice more and all the time it had come off while shifting down from 6th gear.

Last time, the impromptu disconnection of gear shift linkage caused an accident on the road, which fortunately did not turn out to be serious.

KTM RC 390 gear link problem 2
This is the kind of situation ABS comes in handy to stop the motorcycle safely.

While we thought it could be a one-off issue, Shifting-Gears has reported that KTM R&D is working on faulty gearshift assembly of RC 390, after complaints of loose nuts causing bending or breakage of housing was reported.

If you have a similar problem with your KTM RC 390, please mention in the comments section below.