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Biker girl’s KTM RC 390 stolen at gun point in Noida – Cops don’t want to mention gun in FIR

For a biker, the safety of his / her bike is of utmost importance. Bikers go to great lengths in making sure that their bike is safe when it is not with them. Some add additional locks, some install digital alarms, some even install security cameras especially for their bike’s safety.

But in spite of this, there are cases where goons have managed to steal bikes. They usually work in gangs, and know exactly where the bike is parked, and what time to strike for carrying out the robbery. In most of the cases, such things happen in the dead of the night. But now, there is one incident being reported, where a Uttar Pradesh registred KTM RC 390 has been stolen from the rider at gun point, in the presence of more than a 100 people.

The stolen bike belongs to Neha Tomar, a proud and respected biker in the two wheeler community. Here is what happened in her own words –

“Yesterday around 10p.m. near Crown plaza in front of DND -mayur vihar, delhi my bro stopped there coz of red signal.. 2 bikers on hero bike, one with helmet another without helmet, pillion came immedietely n get down from his bike and on gunpoint he took the bike and helmet from my bro and gone like fire towards DND.. my bro shouted for help but bcz of the fear of gun nobody helped there.. public was watching like a movie… now about the FIR

As usual police convinced my bro and FIR has been filed for theft without mentioning the gunpoint scene.now work in progress for cctv phootage… No comments.. thanku everyone for showing your concerned.. Ktm Rc390 Up16AZ0093 gone.

New information came .. traffic light cctv not working and DND cctv are dead from last 3 days as per information came from dnd authority . Police is soo helpless now as i think ..

FIR no – 020167″

It is shocking to see that the cops are not ready to mention in the FIR how the theft took place. And now with there being no CCTV footage, the job of catching the culprits gets even tougher. The cops in Uttar Pradesh are still searching for those goons who shot at a Royal Enfield biker couple from Chennai, who were on a road trip in the state.

Sadly, this is not the first time such an incident has happened. A few months back, a similar incident was reported by another KTM RC 390 rider. Luckily, that time the theft attempt was caught on camera. But in spit of the theft being captured on camera, the rider never got his bike back. Watch the video below.

Priced at over INR 2.5 lakh on road, KTM RC 390 is one of the most sought after bike in the segment. Neha has lost all hope of seeing her bike again. It is anyone’s guess as to what would happen to her bike now. Below are some photos of her with the RC 390.

Hat tip to Adi Tya.

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