KTM X-BOW GTR is a GT4 spec machine for about Rs 98 lakhs

KTM X-BOW GTR is based on the KTM X-BOW which was first launched back in 2008. Winner of 2008 Top Gear sports car of the year, KTM added another member to the X-BOW family in 2013. This one was a GT, with windscreen and a roof (unlike the first one, where the driver and passengers had to wear helmets as there was no windscreen nor roof)

First image of KTM X-BOW GTR

The above image was officially revealed by KTM. It is from a exclusive preview, which was held recently. KTM X-BOW GTR will compete in GT4 championships. The new X-Bow is engineered by KTM and Reiter Engineering (a German racing team). Design of KTM X-BOW GTR is by KISKA, a design studio in Austria. Though KTM has not revealed techspecs of KTM X-BOW GTR, they did reveal its price. KTM X-BOW GTR will cost you €139,000 (Rs 98 lakhs or $157,500).

Speaking at the unveil of this new sports car, Hans Reiter, founder and engineer at Reiter Engineering, said that the entire team, who have been involved in the design and development of KTM X-BOW GTR has done a perfect job. Into the last phase, if all goes well, testing shall commence by end of this month.

KTM X-BOW GTR features most advanced racing tech on offer in the market, and that to at a price of just €139,000. Reiter claims that the KTM X-BOW GTR offers most unique protection in the segment, thanks to monocoque technology. More details are to be revealed in the coming weeks. By the looks and price tag, this one is surely going to create some noise on the racing circuits.