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Japan’s Kubota Tractor starts manufacturing in India with MU4501 45 HP

Kubota India is a subsidiary of Japan’s Kubota Corporation

In March 2020, Kubota Corporation announced an investment in Indian tractor manufacturer, Escorts Limited (EL) aimed to improve Kubota’s presence here. Keeping in mind the size of the Indian tractor market, an investment came as no surprise as expansion and growth potential are crucial factors.

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter, “KAI”) was set up in 2008. In February 2019, the Kubota and EL JV was announced with sights set on beginning mass production in July 2020. Today it was announced Kubota MU4501 (45 HP tractor) 2WD, which is already sold in India, will be manufactured in India. The first lot of MU4501 was rolled out today, September 25, 2020. While the tractor is already available in India, manufacturing it here will allow both companies to benefit better from the partnership, and further the tractor’s reach here.

Made in India

The capital tie between both companies is aimed to widen the scope of the broad range of their business. This includes development, production, sales, distribution, and parts procurement, so as to extend reach. Kubota aims for expansion in global reach by benefitting from Escorts Limited’s parts procurement networks, and cost reduction capability.

Kubota Tractor India

Globally, Kubota exports tractors to more than 150 countries. To further facilitate and strengthen its JV with EL, Kubota will sell 40 percent of stake in KAI to EL, along with its investment. In time, Kubota aims to establish a joint R&D centre with EL to shorten development period, and develop products specific to the local market.

Mr. Akira Kato, MD – Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. said, “In the coming years, we will further look for steadily enhancing the production line-up, which will be mainly focusing on the advanced technology and precision manufacturing which is the legacy of Kubota’s 130-year-old Japan’s No.1 Tractor brand.”

MU4501 45 HP 2WD Tractor

The 4-cylinder, 2434 cc Quad 4 Piston (KQ4P) engine, Kubota MU4501 2WD 45 HP tractor weighs 1,850 kgs. The 4-cyl engine features a narrow piston ring to reduce friction and improves fuel efficiency. Engine noise and vibration reduction is entrusted to two balancer shafts, which rotate at twice the engine speed. MU4501 2WD features a synchromesh main gear box with synchronizer unit for shifting, which further reduces gear shift noise.

Smooth Smooth gear transmission reduces wear and tear. Seat ergonomics are enhanced with a spacious legroom and workspace. A full-flat deck means the operator is seated to maintain optimum body posture during operations. The LED console means the tractor can be operated at ease at night. MU4501-2WD features dual PTO, standard and economy for use as applicable – for heavy load application standard PTO, and for light load application economy PTO.

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