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Himachal (HP) registered motorcycles not allowed in Leh, Ladakh

Ladakh Bikers Cooperative Limited (LBCL) Leh and Ladakh has issued a circular to all its members that in future no Leh registered bikes should enter Manali. Conversely, no HP registered bikes will be allowed to enter the Ladakh region for any commercial activities.

This circular and action there from was prompted when Manali Bikers Association captured and held around 40 bikers from Ladakh captive on June 3rd and 5th 2017. These hostages were forced to load their bikes onto trucks and were sent back to Leh without any explanations given or questions asked.

These bikers were subjected to immense mental torture and it was only after the intervention of LBCL and the local government headed by Shri Dr. Sonam Dawa that the issue was finally resolved.

A circular to this effect, No LBCL/02/2017 dated 9th June 2017 has issued. In future no bikes registered in Leh Ladakh will enter Manali while conversely no HP registered bikes will be permitted inside the Ladakh region for conducting any commercial activities.

This new ruling will affect thousands of bikers who head to Leh every year. These tourists rent bikes from Manali, Himachal Pradesh and then head north towards Leh, Pangong, Khardung, Nubra, etc. It was a flourishing business for those who were renting bikes to such tourists.

But with this new ruling now into effect, hundreds of such businesses will go dry this season. Those who are planning on riding to Leh this season, make sure you are not riding there on a motorcycle registered in Himachal Pradesh. This new ruling only applies to commercial (rented) motorcycles of HP.

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