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LaFerrari crash in Budapest caught on camera – Video

Ferrari’s flagship hypercar, LaFerrari has been talk of the town ever since it was introduced back in 2013. Limited to just 499 units, it is one of the most exclusive production cars ever built.

Recently, photos of a crashed Ferrari LaFerrari were circulated online. The crash took place a few days ago in Budapest, Hungary. Now, a video has emerged online which captures the entire episode on camera.

You can see the video below.

Sadly, the video quality is very poor. But, it is still good enough to understand what actually went wrong. The driver at the wheel of LaFerrari seems to be stuck behind a car in traffic. As soon as he/she gets the opportunity to overtake, the driver seems to have pushed the accelerator pedal hard. Usually, in such cars you do not need to push the pedal hard in order to overtake, you only push it all the way down when you are either participating in a drag race, or trying to get attention on public roads.

The result of pushing the accelerator pedal hard saw the LaFerrari spinning out of control and crashing into three parked cars on the side of the road. Luckily for LaFerrari driver, there was no car speeding in the lane behind; thereby saving further damage.

LaFerrari is the most powerful production spec Ferrari ever. Powered by a V12 6.3 liter petrol engine and an electric motor, the total output stands at 950 hp and 900 Nm torque. Handling this kind of power is not easy, especially if you are not used to driving powerful cars.


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