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LaFerrari crashes into three parked cars in Budapest

LaFerrari Accident Budapest

This is the fourth reported incident of LaFerrari crash in the world.

Ferrari’s fastest and most powerful road legal car, LaFerrari is also their most exclusive modern day car. With only 499 units built, the hyper car price started from £1 million when it was on sale.

As all units are already sold, today if you want to buy one, you will need to lure an owner into selling his prized possession. And the price will be much more than £1 million.

Usually, drivers of such expensive cars are ultra cautious when driving them, as these are amongst the most powerful cars in the world today. But sometimes, accidents are bound to happen. As is the case here.

LaFerrari Accident Budapest

LaFerrari Accident Budapest

Yesterday morning, a Rossa Corsa coloured LaFerrari banged into atleast three parked cars at the corner of Váci street in Budapest, Hungary. As you can seen in the images, the LaFerrari suffered considerable damage on the front right.

At the time of the accident, the LaFerrari was not travelling at high speed, and thus the damage to the car can be fixed. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident. Local police are investigating as to how the accident took place.

As per initial reports, the LaFerrari’s tyres failed to provide enough traction as the vehicle had just started moving. This resulted in driver losing control and banging into three parked cars.


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