Lamborghini Aventador 12.12.12 revealed by DMC

DMC has revealed their upcoming Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, as promised, on the date 12.12.12. This new Aventador has drawn inspiration from the one-off Aventador J Speedster. Aventador J Speedster was presented at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year of which the company only produced one model and was sold for an astronomical €2.1 million to an unnamed buyer.

While other buyer hopefuls may not have been as lucky or have the means to this luxurious model tuning house DMC are offering  a new limited package that imitates the looks of this one off model which will be incorporated into the design of the Aventador coupe.

DMC’s new Aventador LP900 SV kit is also limited in edition and restricted to just 10 sets. It will be fitted only to those cars which pass the eagle eyes of tuners where location, owner and color match of DMC is concerned. Each of these tuning kits will be unique in the fact that there will not be two alike.

They will be individual where shade, body and finish is concerned which means that each of the 10 lucky customers will be assured of no other vehicle resembling theirs, right from the side skirts with diffuser panels, rear bumper, spoiler and diffuser to redesigned front bumper and canards. All these parts will be made of lightweight yet sturdy carbon fiber. Engine updates also include boost in engine output from 700PS to 900PS.