Reaction of a tall valet who couldn’t fit inside a Lamborghini – Priceless

A video involving a supercar and an unfortunate valet will almost always end with the supercar getting damaged. However, this video is completely different and highlights the practicality issues of the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

A tall valet was given the job of taking a swanky yellow Aventador Roadster to the parking lot. The owner, before handing the car over to the valet, fixed the two-part carbon fibre roof, making the ingress a very tedious affair.

As you can see, the valet couldn’t fit in. He first tried the traditional way of getting inside a car – foot first. With that not working out well, he tried shoving his body in first and bringing the legs inside later. Either way, he was unsuccessful getting himself behind the wheel.

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Having noticed that his struggle with the Lambo was being filmed, the valet decided not to embarrass himself further and left the scene quietly, leaving the supercar where it was parked. It’s Lambo 1 and valet 0. He could’ve squeezed himself in had he found a way to slide the driver seat further back but it still would’ve made for a video worthy of going viral.

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