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Lamborghini Aventador surprise drive home video gets famous

Allen Wong, an App-developer by profession, had a neighbor whose daughter used to request him to drop her to school in his car, when she ran late. As the family was too poor to afford a car, Allen used to often drop her to school in his car.

Allen’s neighbor died a few years ago, and the mother of this young girl was an alcoholic. She steals money from her social security and even abuses her. Allen himself is from a very poor family. His dad too died when he was young, and his mother had schizophrenia, so he understands the small girl’s situation very well.

Over the last few years, Allen made millions of dollars by making apps for iTunes. He has also written a book – Lifehacked, and is also the owner of RegoApps. He then moved to Florida. Recently, he paid a visit to his hometown and the poor neighborhood where he used to stay a few years ago.

He knew about the small girl and wanted to do something special which would bring smile to her face. So, Allen arrived at her school in a very unique car, Azure Blue Lamborghini Aventador. He also attached two Go-Pro’s on the roof of the Aventador, which captures the expression of bystanders when they see the Aventador.

Allen says, “I’ve had this neighbor for many years when I was living in a poorer neighborhood. And I had moved to Florida a few years ago after I made my fortune. I came back to my hometown for a visit a few months ago, and I brought my Lamborghini with me. I saw an opportunity to make the kid’s day much brighter, and I took it. All profits made from the ads in this video will be donated to her college fund.” You can find more information on Allen, here.




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