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Lamborghini styled doors now can be fitted to your car


Front hinged doors that swing out horizontally may soon be a thing of the past specially where exotic and luxury vehicles are concerned. The new trend is butterfly, vertical or Lambo styled doors which are becoming increasingly common on high performance cars around the world. These doors add to the looks and every car owner would love to have these doors attached to their vehicles.

Seen on the DoLorean DMC12, Mercedes Benz SLS and also on the Lincoln Continental and Rolls Royce Phantom, these doors attract a fair amount of attention every time they are opened and closed. After market specialists have brought out bolt on kits to ensure that these doors are incorporated into the design of numerous models.

However, while opting for these doors just to keep up with the current trend, it needs to be taken into consideration whether these doors would actually look good on vehicles which currently sport vertical opening doors. Also called by a host of names such as Lambo doors, vertical lift doors, butterfly doors, these doors are unique, stand out in competition and will definitely give the vehicle an instantly luxurious appeal.

These doors are easy to open and lift up over the roofline just like someone doing the butterfly stroke. The kits give users the option of a fairly normal pull from 60 to 75 degrees while gas charged shocks make the doors feel practically weightless. However, these doors need to be matched with the weight of the present car door and should have the same amount of width available in the door hinge area.

Source MotorTrend


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