Lamborghini Huracan Review – Hurrah! I can.

I have always been afraid of bulls. My mom once told me ‘if you show anything red in colour to the bull, it will get really angry and might attack. Red is my favourite colour, I have had lots of clothes in red, once I saw the bull, hell used to break loose and I used to run to save my bottoms from being scrambled by the sharp horns of the raging animal. It is 2016, I am a grown up boy, but the fear is still there.

It is a bright and sunny morning. In my garage is a bull, not exactly of the kind that frightens me, but the kind I’m yearning to tame since forever. But the sheer fear of taming it improperly makes my forehead sweat. The glorious Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 is here. The car that many of us have posters and wallpapers of is standing right in front of me and I have the keys to it in the pocket of my trousers. Vroom Vrooooom (the little kid in me is reborn).

The Lamborghini Huracan is the successor to the most important car in the history of the italian supercar marquee, the Gallardo. Some people loved it, some hated it and I for one was blown by the massive fear it induces into the driver with its behemoth supply of ecstasy. It was a mad car indeed.

Talking about the new Huracan, it comes with a 5.2 litre V10 plonked on the rear axle, mated to a 7 speed dual clutch lightening fast transmission it puts down its 610 horsepower via an extremely sophisticated four wheel drive system which will not only stick to the tarmac but will also make sure that you will almost break your neck with the massive G forces while attacking a corner at high speeds.

It looks ferocious. It is like a sharp blade trying to cut the air like a chef’s knife cuts cottage cheese. It is intimidating and sexy, it is a brilliant tool to be the center of attraction when standing still. Open the door and you are welcomed by a plethora of leather trims. Get inside and the cockpit like central console reaffirms that this machine is built to be fast.

I particularly like the flip open start switch which is quite literally swapped from a Sukhoi. Push the button and all hell breaks loose. The instrument cluster is taken from the Audi’s and the graphics are downright similar. VW family parts sharing is quite evident. The Huracan with us has a race exhaust which is loud enough to perform an opera. While revving, the massive backfires is making me think twice to slot it into gear and drive ahead.

Press the brakes, long press to switch off ESC (electronic stability control), click the paddle shifter to the first gear, dab the throttle to 2500 rpm and lift-off the accelerator pedal. Now you are in tomorrow-land.

G forces start tearing my face off, tunnel vision becomes prominent and all my blood rushes to the back of my head. 0-100 takes 3.2 seconds and with a top speed of 325 kmph, you are pretty much the fastest guy on the road. Huracan has a power-to-weight ratio of 2.36 kg / hp.

The body is made out of hybrid aluminium and carbon fibre which means there is less weight on the top of the body shell that also means more centre of gravity that also means more glued driving dynamics on tarmac. The 6 piston carbon ceramics in the front and 4 piston ones in the rear ensure that when you stop all the blood that rushed to the back of your head comes back to the front and resumes you to be a normal human being again, the braking is so strong at that seatbelts were pressing into my rib cage so hard that it was painful after a while.

Reality struck after a few kilometers. I was in India, most importantly, in Delhi! The traffic capital of the solar system. The Huracan with it’s wide body and low slung ride height isn’t a very comfortable place to be in when you are surrounded by buses, trucks, two wheelers, rickshaws, and what not. You are as good as sitting on the ground and driving the car, it is that low. Even the cops, when they pulled me over (to take pictures with the car to be honest) had to crouch down to talk to me sitting inside the car.

Driving ahead we saw a road full of undulation and potholes and a car which is made to cross continents in the time one watches a Marvel movie, a loud thud at 40 kmph! Yes. The suspension is super stiff even in its comfort settings, though smaller undulations are taken away by the wide tires the larger craters are one to look out for. But I’m glad the engineers at Lamborghini have solved this problem to an extent. Loft feature, Ahoy!!!

Long press the ride height button and the Huracan gets high on its heels. How high? Our camera car was a popular mid segment luxury sedan. That would scrape over larger bumps and steep inclinations but the Huracan, it would simply glide over them with ease. City practicality? Check!

On the practicality front I did try to lighten up my feet on the accelerator and considering Delhi’s stop start traffic and also some nicely smooth roads we got an overall efficiency of 7.3 kmpl, which in my books is absolutely fantastic. Unreal? Yes, but it is true that the Huracan is a real practical supercar even though the one we had packs a mega 640 horse power.

All said, I have driven the like of Gallardo and Murcielago and they both had the characteristics to kill you. They were brutal and menacing on the road and no matter how much of a brilliant driver you are, if not handled well. They really were like the raging bull, untamable in real sense. The Huracan is more clinical, has many electronic aids to keep your driving lines straight and these aren’t bad things. Infact a Huracan would be faster than a Murcielago around a track. But with a heart fearing of the previous generations of Lamborghini’s, I have to say that the Huracan is a brilliant supercar…. but not a brilliant Lamborghini.

Images – The Modern Shutter