This is how Lamborghini, Ferrari tackle uneven speed bumps on broken roads

In a short few years, the number of Lamborghini customers in India has grown to be a noticeable group. It comes as no surprise then that those behind the wheel of a Lamborghini are now getting together for planned drives as part of driving groups or as part of company dealership organised programmes.

And while the organisational aspects of owning super expensive cars ensures the best curated drives, sometimes it’s a bit too much for the car. The road engineering aspects pertaining to the construction of speedbreakers and bumpers remains difficult to understand. Most times they are built as a hindrance meant to punish a vehicle and bring it to a standstill rather than focusing on speed control.


It is on one such drive recently, that a Lamborghini fleet (18 in total) realised staying on the road isn’t going to work as well as getting off it for a section of the road. Precisely the speadbreaker. Volunteers travelling with the drivers had to man traffic to ensure that things don’t fall into disarray. For the Lambos, driving straight over the bumper wasn’t an option and required each car to approach the wrong side of the road, get onto a non-tarred dust path and climb back onto the road and over to the right side of it.

All the while, every other vehicle using that stretch of the road goes over the speedbreaker without incident. Since, the only way to get by was to use both sides of the road, traffic on the oncoming side can be seen stationery until the fleet of Lambos makes its way through. We do believe that roads are meant for everyone but sometimes you have no option but to make way for someone.