Lamborghini Snowboarding is not as exciting as Ferrari Wakeboarding

When winter comes, most sports cars get locked up in garages. But this was not the case with this particular Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 which was seen with a snowboarder in tow.

Watch the Lamborghini Snowboarding video below

Shot somewhere in a snowy mountain pass, the attempt is definitely cool. At one point the snowboarder also uses a selfie stick to record his own moves, 10 points for that. They have also managed to capture some shots using those mini helicopters armed with gopros.

But overall, the video is not as cool as its title sounds, Lamborghini + Snowboarding should definitely be more fun. Lamborghini implies 300+ kmph, drifting, burning rubber, roaring exhaust notes, while snowboarding means really cool flips, jumps, etc. Unfortunately, there is nothing of that sort in the video.

Why did they use a Lamborghini if they did not intend on going faster than what looks like 40-50 kmph or entertain viewers with its exhaust note?

Fortunately, not all attempts are as boring. Back in November, a Ferrari was used by a wakeboarder, and this attempt was more than what we could have expected. Watch the two videos for yourself and be the judge.