Land Rover Defender to be discontinued with three special editions

To mark the retirement of the legendary Land Rover Defender model, the British company will launch three final special editions of the same car.

Land Rover Defender special edition 01
The seventy-year old Land Rover Defender will be discontinued in December 2015.
Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition will be the first one. It takes design inspiration from older Land Rover models with some modern touches. Exterior features Grasmere Green paint job, contrast white coat on the roof, heritage grille and HUE 166 graphics. This edition will be launched in August 2015, production is limited to 400 units. Defender Heritage Edition will be offered in different body styles including 90 Hard Top, 90 Station Wagon, 110 Station Wagon, at starting price of £27,800 (Rs. 26.56 lakhs).

Second one is Defender Adventure Edition, designed pure adventure and off-roading. It gets extra underbody protection and rolls on Goodyear MT/R tires. Unlike the previous model, production of Defender Adventure Edition is a little higher – 600 units. Each model rolling out of the factory will feature bespoke decals and leather-trimmed interior. This edition will also go on sale in August 2015, at starting price of £43,495 (Rs. 41.56 lakhs). It will be available in 90 Station Wagon and 110 Station Wagon body types.

Last is Land Rover Defender Autobiography Edition. This one is a luxury focussed variant, with dual-tone paint job and full Windsor leather upholstery. It also gets power bump from 122 HP and 360 Nm to 150 HP and 400 Nm. Production is limited to just 80 units and only one body type will be made – 90 Station Wagon. Slated to launch in April, Land Rover Defender Autobiography Edition will be priced from £61,845 (Rs. 59.10 lakhs).