Land Rover developing autonomous off-road driving tech

Jaguar Land Rover is actively involved in research and development of autonomous driving technology which involves various sensors, assistance systems, and a sophisticated artificial intelligence platform.

The SUV specialist Land Rover has announced that it is working on ‘Autonomous All-Terrain Driving’ technology that makes the SUVs capable of going off-road without driver’s intervention.

Land Rover autonomous all-terrain driving tech (3)
The upcoming technology will allow the drivers to let the car do all the work irrespective of the terrain.

Land Rover says that once the technology comes to the market, customers would be able to let their cars do all the work not only while driving on tarmac but also off it. The system will involve new sensor technology that will help the Land Rover SUVs to see better than the drivers.

JLR products will employ surface identification and 3D path sensing to create a 360-degree map around the car using cameras, ultrasonic waves, radar, and LIDAR. The system can scan the terrain up to 5 metres ahead (in reverse too) and prepares the Terrain Response System accordingly. The setup is claimed to be capable of determining the best route around the obstacles ahead.

Land Rover autonomous all-terrain driving tech (4)
The system will employ a comprehensive sensor suite.

The system also incorporates what JLR calls as Overhead Clearance Assist which keeps tab on items like branches, barriers etc. Terrain-based speed adaptation is another highlight of the autonomous off-road driving technology.

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The company said the future Land Rovers will also have vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology called Off-road connected convoy which relays terrain info to the other cars in the convoy.


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