Land Rover to launch Defender SUV by 2015

British luxury SUV manufacturer, Land Rover has announced that they will be launching the all new Defender SUV in the European market by 2015. Tata Motors owned, Land Rover revealed the details earlier today when they released a press release about the Defender SUV.

The official Press Release from Land Rover stated that, “Land Rover confirms its intention to launch a new Defender in 2015.” Land Rover Defender is expected to arrive in India within a year of its European and American launch. Land Rover has confirmed that India is an important market for them.

Press release

Land Rover Confirms Its Intention To Launch A New Defender In 2012

13 Sep — Land Rover today unveils a modern-day Defender concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new Land Rover DC100 previews a potential future direction for a new Land Rover Defender. The Defender is one of Land Rover’s oldest and most iconic models and has been used by UN aid workers, Red Cross medic’s, police and military forces worldwide. The Defender is the bedrock on which the brand has been built and after more than 60 years of production, the model is getting a makeover.

The new concept marks the move of the iconic Defender into the 21st century market. The concept car builds upon the original models character but demonstrates the versatility and the future of the Defender. The design team aim to keep the Defender’s simple and honest style whilst meeting the requirements of an all-new global market.

The new concept has been designed by the Land Rover Advanced Design team whose remit was to create a vehicle that would resonate with the commercial customer as well as the retail customer. Their aim was to create a model that is relevant to the 21st century.

With an all-new Defender planned for production in 2015, replacing this iconic model will surely be one of the biggest challenges in automotive history.

Basics of the new Land Rover DC100 concept includes:

– Based on a lightweight, mixed-alloy platform.
– Cutting-edge, sustainable, hi-tech materials taken from aerospace industries.
– The Terrain-i scanning device warns the driver of obstacles when off-roading and can suggest alternative routes.
– Wade Aid uses sonar technology to assess water depth and advise the driver of optimum speed.
– Intelligent, next-generation, Land Rover Terrain Response system automatically optimises the car for any environment.
– Driver-activated spiked tyre system can be deployed at the touch of a button.
– Permanent four-wheel drive with an eight-speed transmission, Intelligent Stop/Start and a transfer case.
– 2.0-litre, four-cylinder petrol and diesel engine with hybrid and plug-in capabilities.