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Bikers wearing helmet, safety gear stopped from using public roads in Lavasa

Neil Sequeira has shared the following with Rushlane, and its readers.

As a Pune resident and a rider, as most bikers in Pune frequently do on weekend mornings, I headed towards Lavasa. Most riders do this routinely as perhaps the most popular weekend destination for riders in Pune and often Mumbai too owing to the great roads and sweeping corners.

This morning as I reached the Varasgaon dam on the public road just before the 7-8 km climb to Lavasa hilltop, I was stopped along with a few other riders by 5-7 private security guards with a Lavasa security patrol jeep and informed that “riders” are not allowed any further and can not use the roads outside Lavasa city.

They are banned from going anywhere beyond the dam. More specifically we were told riders wearing helmets and full gear were banned from using the public roads going towards Lavasa on Saturday & Sunday each week but those who are not wearing safety gear are free to pass.

Much to the surprise of all leisure motorcyclists, every biker regardless of what bike they ride wearing safety gear was stopped and every other vehicle regardless was allowed to proceed. A crowd of shocked weekend riders slowly gathered near the Varasgaon dam as they were asked to turn back.

This is apparently a new ban imposed by the Lavasa management although it falls well outside the Lavasa property and is being imposed on public roads. We were told there were a number of serious rider related accidents in the recent past which is why the authorities have decided to impose a blanket ban on all “riders” who are spotted wearing full safety gear.

I hope this helps the thousands of other riders who plan a ride to Lavasa each weekend.

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