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Watch India’s LCA Tejas in action at Bahrain Air Show 2016

Set to enter service from 2017-18, LCA Tejas is part of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) programme which was started back in the 80’s to replace the ageing MiG-21 fighters.

A supersonic fighter, which will soon be commissioned into the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy, LCA Tejas is a made in India fighter jet which is developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). About a month ago, on 17th January, the first LCA Tejas was officially inducted into the Indian Air Force. It is expected to get FOC (final operational clearance) later this year. The first squadron of LCA Tejas is located in Coimbatore, and will enter service by 2017-18.

At the recently held Bahrain Air Show 2016 at Sakhir Airbase, LCA Tejas showcased its prowess to the world. Below is a short video showing the capabilities of LCA Tejas.

A single-seater, light-fighter, tailless aircraft completely made in India, highlights PM Modi’s Make in India campaign. The total cost development of Project Tejas has been estimated to be above INR 8,000 crore. Govt of India has sanctioned another INR 8,000 crore for the production of Tejas for Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

LCA Tejas in action (1)

LCA Tejas in action (2)

LCA Tejas in action (3)

LCA Tejas in action (4)

LCA Tejas in action (5)

LCA Tejas in action (6)

LCA Tejas in action (7)

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    • Design is good buddy. And advantage is that we can keep improving it in it’s lifetime of service which is around 30 years. So 10 years down the line if you want to fit a new missile or something better, you can do that, because this is our plane. No need to pay anyone any amount or take permission from anyone like in the case of an imported plane. So whatever you want keep improving and currently the systems that’s inside is pretty sufficient. and the ones coming are even better. So the whole life of it, Tejas will stay modern and uptodate with the latest gadgets. 🙂

  • Tejas is the second fighter aircraft developed in India. First one was Marut. Corruption and foreign dealers sealed the success of Marut and then came Tejas, it succeeded with and order of 126 and helped create a large manufacturing base for aeronautics. But just before its first flight American govt told George Fernandas then defence minister that it will not fly. It not only flew beautifully but till now flying without a single crash. Great flight safety record. Every other fighter has crashed multiple times during its testing stage. So Tejas is indeed a great aircraft with excellent safety and handling qualities. Now will come the Advanced Medium Combat aircraft. India’s own stealth fighter. Success will not come in a day or two. It will take decades of hard work. Example is ISRO which started by launching sounding rockets, then SLV, then came ASLV, then PSLV and GLSV today GSLV Mark-III getting ready to be launched. Similarly our own fighters will keep coming in the next decades. 🙂

    Tejas is just the start. 🙂

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