Leh to Kanyakumari in 61 hours – Balaji Mohan and his Honda CBR250R

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If you embark on a road trip from Leh to Kanyakumari, you’re going to cross more cities than you can count on your fingertips. Most importantly, you’d spend a lot of time on the road. But not Balaji Mohan. He has now set a new national record for the ‘Fastest North to South Expedition on a Motorcycle’ (Leh to Kanyakumari). He rode across 3,862 kms in 61 hours 38 minutes.

Some readers might remember Balaji Mohan as this is not the first time we are writing about his adventures. Back in May this year, Balaji had created a new record when he completed Golden Quadrilateral on a motorcycle in just 89 hours (that time too it was a Honda CBR250R as his companion).

But this post is not about that. This post is about how he became the fastest rider in the world who travelled from Leh to Kanyakumari in a little over 61 hours.


Below is the record road trip in Balaji’s words:

Fastest North to South (Leh to Kanyakumari) Expedition in Motorcycle The Toughest 61 Hours, Ride of the Life Time – Mind over Body

The untold story behind the adventures 61 hours Ride

About Me

This for the people, who don’t know about me, I am a lawyer by profession, working as an corporate lawyer with a company in Bangalore, and am 33 years old and married to Divya Balaji and we are blessed with a son Kavin Balaji, he will turn 5 years in December this year. Basically from Chennai but settled in Bangalore for 9 years now.

Traveling/Photography/Cycling/Back Packing is my passion and riding motorcycle is my life.

Preparing for the record

It all started few years ago where I got into Chennai Trekking Club, where I got inspired by Peter Van Geit and many more selfless CTCians, initially started with touring across India in Motorcycle mostly with the CTC Biking group and few Solo rides/treks/back packing, my first ever trip to Ladakh was in 2013, in which I rode back to Chennai from Ladakh, from then my perception towards endurance/long distance rides have changed, since then I have been to Ladakh 4 times, In September 2015, during Trans Himalayan Expedition I met with an accident near Tyari (Killad- Kishtwar road), in which my right hand index finger got completely amputated, it took 5 days for me to reach back to home (Bangalore), I was completely off the bike for 4 months (until December, 2015), those 4 months made me to realize who I am and who are the people around me, my family and friends stood by me in those toughest days of life.

Riding motorcycle is what I like the most in this world apart from my family, which was questioned at that time, people around me thought I am done and will never come back to the world of biking. That’s when I worked upon both physically and mentally to overcome the disability, practiced & trained with other fingers so that I can ride a motorcycle back as usual, made adjustments to the way I hold the throttle and brake so that it will not affect my ability to ride a motorcycle, it use to pain enormously those days and even now as it wasn’t completely healed yet. I made my mind that I have to overcome this and come back strong and stronger than before, it’s not to prove someone but for myself to regain my self-confidence. I would always think what ever happens, happens for good, even this I took it positively and made my mind to do IBA (Iron Butt Association) Ride SS2000, which is 3200 km in less than 48 hours, which I completed in March, 2016 in 43 hours, that was the first such attempt in India by any rider.

Road trip on honda cbr 250r india

Later in May, 2016 I also broke Golden Quadrilateral Dr. Arnob’s Limca Record of 5958 kms ridding through Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and back to Chennai in 89 hours. Further wanted to do a recce before doing the Fastest North to South Expedition, so did South (Kanyakumari) to North (Leh) round trip of 7900 km in 11 days in August/September, 2016, This was also first such attempt in India, which helped a lot in planning for this Fastest North to South Expedition, as I have seen and marked each of the roads in this entire route, so as soon as I came back from the trip I made my mind to go for the Fastest North to South Expedition in October, as I don’t want to miss the edge this year. All these back to back rides which gave the confidence to test my limits for such time bound endurance rides and I consider every ride has an experience and there is always an opportunity to improve, learn and correct my mistakes, which made me to improve ride after the other.

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