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Leonardo DiCaprio to bring Volkswagen dieselgate to the big screen

Leonardo DiCaprio to bring Volkswagen dieselgate to the big screen
Leonardo DiCaprio also planning to make a movie on the VW Dieselgate scandal based on a book written by Jack Ewing of New York Times.

Based on a yet to be written book by Jack Ewing of New York Times, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production house plans movie on VW scandal.

The news of the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal has hit headlines causing waves across the globe. It has caused devastating effects on Volkswagen’s 78 year history. The controversy will now be made into a movie with some yet unknown facts brought to light.

Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to the soon to be published book by Jack Ewing which gives an in-depth account of how Volkswagen tampered with the engines, thus causing 40 times more pollution than is permissible under the norms.

Volkswagen website to check cars affected by Dieselgate

Volkswagen admitted to 11 million vehicles being fitted with the cheating software to counter emission tests. The company’s Chief Martin Winterkorn resigned due to the breaking of this scandal while the company faces upto $18 billion in the form of fines from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

While it is yet unconfirmed whether Leonardo DiCaprio will star in the movie or when it will be released, it is revealed that DiCaprio, an active environmentalist will be the producer of the project. This dieselgate scandal being made into a movie follows on the same lines as the 1972 Watergate scandal which also went on to be made into a movie following publishing of a book on the issue.

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