Lexus RC Coupe and LF-NX concept world debut: Spindle grille made fun at

LEXUS LF-NX CONCEPT AT TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 1Where the LF-NX Concept is concerned, it will have a new 2.0 l turbocharged petrol engine. This new compact luxury crossover concept is designed to deliver. It will have low center of gravity, sharp body lines and large tyres. Measuring 640mm in length, 1,870mm in width and standing 1,620mm high, the new Lexus NX will sit on a 2,700mm long wheelbase. Interiors will see a host of advanced technologies which will include Remote Touch Interface controller and touch pad function while more details will be revealed at the Tokyo Show.

Speaking about the ready to roll RC Coupe, this will be seen with high-performance V6 petrol and hybrid powertrains. Two versions will be unveiled: the RC 350, with a 3.5-litre V6 engine; and the RC 300h hybrid, with a 2.5-litre unit. The RC measures 4,695mm long, 1,840mm wide and 1,395mm high, with a 2,730mm wheelbase. A two door coupe from the outside, interiors of RC feature four seats, and high contrast color schemes, for your different moods. Refinement and build quality is unlike any Lexus, keeping in line with family name. Scroll through the press release below for more information.



  • Concept-to-reality coupe that takes Lexus into new territory
  • High-performance V6 petrol and hybrid powertrains that accentuate the RC’s sporting nature
  • New Lexus styling direction in a dedicated coupe, including the strongest interpretation yet of the trademark Lexus spindle grille
  • Driver’s cockpit design, with dedicated trim and high-contrast colours, emphasises the RC’s fun-to-drive character

The all-new Lexus RC will make it world debut at the Tokyo motor show in 20 November.

Two versions will be unveiled: the RC 350, with a 3.5-litre V6 engine; and the RC 300h hybrid, with a 2.5-litre unit.

The new RC brings to life Lexus’s focus on giving its cars emotional appeal. A desirable two-door coupe, it is designed to raise the brand’s profile with a wider audience and customers who are new to Lexus. At the same time it displays elements that are fundamental to Lexus: build quality, refinement and reliability.

Exterior design

The designers have endowed the RC with deeply contoured lines of a kind never before seen on a Lexus and crafted the widest and lowest-set interpretation yet of the Lexus spindle grille.

Triangular headlamps capture the sporty characteristics of the earlier LF-LC concept, along with the novel three-lamp LED configuration that was part of the show car’s design.

At the rear, the sharp, thin appearance of the rear combination lamps follows the shape of the Lexus L motif.

The aluminium wheels further express the concept-to-production design philosophy, with two designs: a deeply sculpted, 10-spoke19-inch wheel and a muscular, five-spoke 18-inch version. Both are precision-machined and finished with elegant black and platinum caps.

The hero colour for the RC is red, with a new Lexus painting process giving brighter and stronger contrasts through using multiple layers of clear and deeper-coloured coating.

The RC measures 4,695mm long, 1,840mm wide and 1,395mm high, with a 2,730mm wheelbase.

Interior design

The four-seat interior of the RC is also strongly influenced by Lexus’s sports concepts, reflected in the extensive use of contrasting colours, materials and lighting.

The purpose-designed lighting package gives a sense of occasion, with illumination that reflects upwards rather than down to envelop the cabin.

The high-contrast trim, including a striking new colour called Clove, emphasises the elegant lines around the interior, together with shimamoku highlights – a genuine wood finish created using an intense layering technique refined by Lexus.

The driver’s cockpit follows the established Lexus design principle of an upper operation zone and lower display zpne. The upper zone houses the instrument panel and seven-inch navigation screen; lower down the layered centre console integrates the Remote Touch Interface controller.

The seats are made using an integrated foaming construction, similar to the moulding technique used for racing seats, to provide excellent comfort and support.


Lexus is to present its LF-NX luxury compact crossover concept at the Tokyo motor show in a new version equipped with a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

The LF-NX was first revealed at the Frankfurt motor show in September. The new turbo model has a lower centre of gravity, a quality emphasised by a front spoiler that gives the car a sportier appearance.

The concept cuts a lean profile with its compact, sharp body lines and large tyres that broadcast its SUV qualities. In the cabin it maintains Lexus’s reputation for exploiting user-friendly advanced technologies with a Remote Touch Interface controller with a new touchpad function.

The LF-NX is 4,640mm long, 1,870mm wide and 1,620mm high, with a 2,700mm wheelbase. It will take its place at the Tokyo show (20 November to 1 December) in a Lexus line-up of environmentally efficient models that combine distinctive design, cutting edge features and engaging driving quality.



Apart from this, the other reason where Lexus is in news these days, is because of their trademark spindle grille. A new image (see below) has appeared online. Sourced from Japanese forums, these images criticize the new shape of Lexus grille. The image below shows Yasuo Jajino of the grille design team.

lexus spindle grille criticized