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Lighting a cigarette when in a car is a bad idea, especially if deo has been sprayed (Video)

A still from the movie - Up in Smoke
A still from the movie - Up in Smoke

Three guys inside a car with closed windows decided to smoke a cigarette. The instant they lit the lighter, guess what happens.

A new video shared on YouTube brings to light the dangers of smoking inside a car. As the dashboard video indicates, one of the the occupants apparently sprayed the car’s cabin with a deodorant or air freshener, while windows were closed. Then, he went on to light a cigarette.

The three occupants were taken aback when the car’s cabin was engulfed in fire, as the video which is now also being circulated on WhatsApp clearly shows. Flammable gases of the air freshener or deodorant remained confined in the car as the windows were closed causing the fire.

Car occupants should be aware of the dangers of spraying flammable substances in a closed cabin. If there is an urgent need to spray either a deo or freshener inside the car, the windows should be instantly rolled down. 

If occupants may not be able to resist the urge to light up a cigarette, it is advised that they step out of the car and pander to their cravings, as a little precaution can go a long way in saving the lives of both driver and passengers.

Video – Viewer Discretion Is Advised

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