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Lions attack Toyota Innova once again inside Bannerghatta National Park

A Toyota Innova, hired by tourists to go on a safari inside the Bannerghatta Biological Park in Karnataka was attacked by two lions. This is the second time that such a report has surfaced while a notable fact is that it was not a regular Safari vehicle that was attacked but a Toyota Innova that is usually hired by visitors at an extra charge. The animals are used to the Maruti Gypsy or Safari Bus, which is the usual safari vehicle of most national parks in India. But it seems like they are not liking the Toyota Innova.

The video reveals how the two lions ventured upon the vehicle. While one lion crossed in front of the vehicle after pursuing it, the second lion was seen climbing onto the vehicle while he also tried to bite the rear windshield. The episode clearly left the occupants of the car in a state of panic and cries could be heard even as the vehicle moved away.

Executive Director of Bannerghatta Biological Park has blamed the driver for the incident. He was negligent and put the safety of the passengers at risk due to which he has been removed from safari duty. He should not have stopped the vehicle when he noted the approaching lions but should have kept moving which would have deterred the lions.

The Bio Park is now planning on sending a proposal to the state government to do away with these smaller vehicles and retain only the safari buses. This will not only ensure safety of the animals but also protect the visitors from such repeated attacks. Meshes are also installed on windows of larger vehicles but it is difficult to fit these meshes to smaller vehicles. While the Innova has meshes on the sides, it is not possible to fit these to the windscreen or rear windows.

Watch the video of recent attack below.

The previous attack by lions on Innova was also captured.

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