LIQUI MOLY and MÉGUIN from Hannover Messe

LIQUI MOLY along with MÉGUIN, both well versed in the field of motor oil and additives were present at last month’s Hannover Trade Fair. This was for the first time that these two brands were represented together at the Messa in a bid to demonstrate their vast experience and knowledge in the auto sector to their industrial customers. “We want to allow our industrial customers to profit from our experience in the automotive sector”, said Ernst Prost, CEO of LIQUI MOLY.

LIQUI MOLY has long provided lubricants, grease and other products to the auto sector. These leaders in Europe where lubricants are concerned have years of experience and now look forward to supplying the industrial sector with their prime products and services.

The company presented their form Oil WT01 at the Hannover Trade Fair which is highly suitable for the asphalt industry. The material is bio-degradable, is highly environmentally friendly and is obtained from a renewable source of raw material. It also bears properties that ensure that it does not adhere to loading areas or to asphalt chutes which add to its feasibility in the industrial sector.

“This is the curse of success”, says Ernst Prost. “In the automotive sector in Germany we have in the meantime acquired such a large market share that we can hardly grow any further there. So we are moving on to new pastures and will increasingly focus our attention on industrial customers. And there is no better place for this endeavor than at the largest industrial trade fair in the world.” “We are faster and more agile than the giants of the branch”, says Ernst Prost. “This is a strength we intend to exploit.”