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Old LML scooter in a new Indian Jugaad – (Video)

old LML scooter new Indian Jugaad 01

Every common man has got a tiny bio bot inside their heads which works in mysterious ways to present solutions to day to day problems. Indians have frequented in proving their unorthodox approach to fulfil certain necessities that can otherwise be done with with little extra money. But we feel the need to and enjoy using technologies that are meant for whole other purpose. Hey its called innovation! don’t mock it.

old LML scooter new Indian Jugaad 01One such really brainy contractor in Kerala used an old scooter to lift brick, mortar and probably other construction materials too up floors of a building he was constructing. And to top it all, it was creatively shot and uploaded on YouTube, and was named Latest Model Lift (LML).

Yeah, the scooter in question is an old LML, which is actually named after Lohia Machinery Limited; made in India. So what he did was remove its rear (driven) wheel and replace it with a pulley to drive a rope that pulls stuffs from top. No the scooter was not taken to the top of building, there are more pulleys to govern the rope. Alright, no more words, watch the video below.

Watching the above jugaad video, we remembered an apt song.


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