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Electric Scooter Full Charge In 15 Minutes – New Gen Battery Charging Tech By Indian Startup

Log 9 Battery Pack Powered Electric Scooter
Log 9 Battery Pack Powered Electric Scooter

The technology is claimed to offer 5x more power while being 5x safer

Bangalore-based deep technology startup Log 9 Materials which was incubated by IIT Roorkee has unveiled rapid charging battery packs for two and three-wheeler electric vehicles. The battery packs which are claimed to be fully charged in under 15 minutes will be targeting the B2B segment once the pilot runs are completed.

Log 9 Materials ultra-fast charging battery packs

Based on supercapacitor technology, Log 9’s ultra-fast charging battery packs employ graphene which is claimed to make them superior as compared to their conventional lithium-ion counterparts. The company says that the rapid charging battery packs can last more than 15 years thereby arriving at a very low cost/km ratio.

The graphene based supercapacitor battery packs are also claimed to be five times more powerful and five times better when it comes to fire and impact resistance when compared to widely used lithium-ion battery packs. As far as the range is concerned, the two wheeler (scooters, motorcycles) battery packs are said to offer a true range of 70 km on a full charge while the three wheeler (rickshaw / cargo) battery packs are good for 60-80 km.

Log 9 has commenced large scale pilot projects with logistic, mobility and e-commerce giants including Amazon, Delhivery, Vogo, Shadaowfax etc. The pilot program is expected to run for few more months before the commercial launch. The focus will be on the intra-city B2B segment which also includes two wheelers used for food deliveries.

Log 9 Battery Pack Powered Electric 3 Wheeler
Log 9 Battery Pack Powered Electric 3 Wheeler

Advantages and prospects

The current two and three wheelers EVs in our market have an average charging time of 4 to 5 hours. Given that a fleet’s revenue generating capacity is directly linked to downtime, rapid charging batteries have significant potential in increasing profitability in the long run.

Speaking about the business prospects, Log 9’s Founder and CEO Akshay Singhal revealed that the company has identified OEMs and fleet operators in both two and three wheeler segments for the integration of its graphene-based rapid charging battery packs.It is estimated that there are nearly 10 lakh two wheelers involved in the country’s last mile delivery segment and this population is projected to triple by 2025. This is also the segment which is witnessing largest EV adoption in the country.

Log 9 believes that its ultra-fast charging battery packs are the most viable solution to maximize the performance of last-mile two and three wheeler applications. The technology is claimed to be much more cost effective than battery swapping approach which involves heavy investments and operational hassles.

Log 9 Materials has been working on various energy storage solutions for electric vehicle applications. It is said to be the only company in the country to be actively working on Alumininum fuel cell technology which is suitable for long haul LCVs and HCVs. This project is currently in development stage.

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