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Lohia Narain e-rickshaws are India’s first with 2 years warranty

Lohia Auto Industries has launched Narain, battery run E-Rickshaws. Narain E-Rickshaw is designed for Indian roads and commuting. Two variants – e-Riksha Narain (passenger) and Narain LC (cargo) have been launched now with more variants to be available later in the year.

Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto Industries describes Narain as a unique offering with additional features. The brand already offers two e-rickshaws named Humrahi. Adding Narain to their portfolio makes available a wide range of electric vehicles. Narain vehicles are sensitive to Indian road conditions, climate, riding style and commuting habits etc”

 Narain Passenger (Green) and Narain Commercial (Yellow)

Narain and Narain Lc are powered by a 1,950 watt motor and are equipped with higher battery capacity. A bigger wheelbase with 3X17 inch wheels offers highest ground clearance. Hydraulic suspension aims for a smoother and silent ride over varied road types.

Narain e-Rickshaw works on motor with chain drive mechanism tech, seen on motorcycles. This warrants durability, long battery and motor life. Narain e-rickshaw accommodates four passengers. They are low-maintenance, easy to operate and cost less as compared to traditional auto-rickshaws.

Lohia Auto Industries looks to take its electric vehicles to new corners of the country through dealer network expansion. Lohia Auto is the only company to offer 2 years warranty on electric rickshaws.

 Mr. Venugopal Rao, Zonal Head (South & West) Lohia Auto Industries showcasing Humsafar Electric 3Wheeler

Lohia highlights the availability of cheap imported and spurious products across India that are nothing short of a honey trap. Offered for cheap at the onset, running cost are high. Non-availability of spare parts and reliable service centres makes imported variants three times more expensive than a certified made in India e-Rickshaw.

Part of 630 crore Lohia Global, Lohia Auto’s automobile interest extends to the commercial vehicle segment with diesel 3 wheelers in passenger and cargo variants launched recently.


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