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Troubled times for London black cabs

Black taxis which are a symbol of London are facing quite a dilemma with some of the being recalled due to steering problems and others due to crunch in the economy. About 400 of these black taxis will be recalled due to steering defects while 600 will be retired due to regulations which warrant that vehicles over 15 years old need to be retired.

With the festive season drawing closer transportation woes for Londoners are sure to rise considerably as there will be a shortage of cabs to take partiers to and from their locations. Adding to this shortage of cabs and non availability of new models has forced many individuals of the taxi drivers association to look at different means of livelihood.

Non availability of cabs is due to the fact that Manganese Bronze the company entrusted with manufacturing these cabs went into administration due to sluggish market conditions. Apart from these problems, a combination of high warranty costs, poor UK sales and supply chain issues have forced many of London’s taxi drivers forfeit this mode of livelihood thereby leaving late night revelers to expect longer waits for black saviors of the night.



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