At 20,000 kms, longest road in the world aims to connect UK to USA, via Russia

The current longest road in the world is Australia’s Highway 1, spanning 9,000 miles (14,484 kms) while the superhighway being planned from UK to the US will break this record at 12,400 miles (19,956 kms).

longest road in the world
The idea for a 12,400 miles (20,000 kms) superhighway was put forth by Vladimir Yakunin at a meeting of Russian Academy of Science.

Britain will soon be linked to America via road if the plan of constructing a 12,400 mile superhighway comes into effect. Trans-Eurasian Belt Development has proposed a new transport route through Russia and will reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Presented by Head of the Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin at a meeting of the Russian Academy of Science, the project is expected to not only include a new train network built alongside the Trans-Siberian Railway but will also include construction of roads, pipelines for oil and gas and laying of electricity and water lines. Spanning half the circumference of the Earth, the proposed 12,400 mile superhighway from UK to the US will link the western edge of Russia to Bering Strait and from there onwards to Alaska. The plan has also been sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It will turn Russia into a global transportation hub and not only enhance the country’s economy but will also boost tourism. The venture will bring into existence new industries, new cities and a large number of jobs, while at the same time enhancing development of both Siberia and Russia. This new scheme is yet in initial stages of talks and if it sees the light of day will reportedly cost “trillions of dollars”.

via Daily Mail