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Lotus F1 tests 18″ rims with Pirelli low profile tyres

Lotus F1 tries new Pirelli

Pirelli revealed what their new 18 inch low profile tyres will look like a few days back. Now, Lotus F1 has put these new tyres with 18″ rims to test. The new rubbers displayed by Pirelli have the same width as 13 inch tyres though diameter is larger by 30mm, while tyre and wheel together are 4 kgs heavier.

Lotus F1 tries new PirelliThe main improvement where Pirelli’s low profile tyres are concerned is that it contains lower air with inside pressure which remains constant. Put to the test, Paul Hembrey, Motorsport director of Pirelli has said that results were favourable while the cars also looked impressive when fitted on the Lotus judging by responses received the world over.

The tyres put to the test, were in prototype format, but the Italian tyre makers were willing and ready to commence production once the team decides. Pirelli has stated that these 18 inch tyres will be ready by 2017 but were willing to develop them by 2016 if desired.

Challenges faced by low profile tyres in F1 was due to the fact that these tyres are put to greater stress as in F1 the cars go over the kerb a lot which puts more enhanced compression into tyres. The company is aware of the advantages and disadvantages for Pirelli to go low profile, though they would be much closer to company’s tyres produced for road going cars.


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