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Luxury Car Retail Sales Nov 2021 – Mercedes, BMW, JLR, Audi, Volvo

Mercedes Sales Nov 2021
Mercedes India

FADA vehicle retail data for November 2021 sees luxury car sales decline at 6.66 percent

FADA vehicle retail data doesn’t include numbers from AP, MP, LD & TS. These aren’t yet on Vahan. Data was collated as on 06.12.21 in collaboration with MoRTH, and gathered from 1,378 out of 1,589 RTOs.

At the top of FADA retail chart sits Mercedes Benz at 885 luxury cars registered. That’s an improvement of 2.55 percent YoY, up from 863 units, at volume gain of 22 units. MoM sales fell by over 11 percent, down from just over 1k units.

BMW India retail sales are reported as 727 units at 6 percent decline, down from 774 units. MoM decline is lower than 5 percent, down from 765 units. As has been the sales pattern, Mercedes and BMW lead by a large margin.

Luxury Car Retail Sales Nov 2021 – JLR, Audi, Volvo

JLR YoY retails are reported at 10 percent decline, down to just below 200 units from 220 units. MoM numbers grew by 14 percent, up from 174 units. Audi YoY retails fell by almost a quarter, down at 191 units from 252 units. MoM decline is similar, down from 251 units.

Luxury Car Retail Sales Nov 2021 vs Nov 2020 (YoY)
Luxury Car Retail Sales Nov 2021 vs Nov 2020 (YoY)

Volvo retail sales fell to 134 units, down from 185 units at 27.57 decline. Volume loss stood at 51 units. MoM sales improved, up from 120 units. 32 Porsche units were sold, up from 28 units. MoM retails improved from 25 units. 5 Bentley cars were sold. The month earlier, 2 units were sold. A single Rolls Royce unit was registered as sold. These past 2 months, FADA hasn’t reported a single unit of Lamborghini sales.

Luxury Car Retail Sales Nov 2021 vs Oct 2021 (MoM)
Luxury Car Retail Sales Nov 2021 vs Oct 2021 (MoM)

Luxury car sales in India

Total luxury retails for November 2021 are reported at 2,173 units, down from 2,328 units. Decline is reported at 6.66 percent at volume loss of 155 units. MoM decline is reported at 7.22 percent, down from 2,342 units. Volume loss stood at 169 units. Mercedes-Benz and Porsche retail sales are the only two in the green last month.

Since the start of Covid-19 pandemic related lockdowns, businesses have had to bear the brunt of uncertainties. The luxury car segment too has seen business contract for months at an end. However, the size of the luxury car market was already at a lower end, even before pandemic related slowdowns affected sales.

In 2018, total luxury wholesales were reported at just over 40k units. By the time 2019 concluded, total sales had fallen to just over 35k units. For obvious reasons, this number fell to 21,400 units in 2020. Keeping in mind the low base number through the last calendar year, despite disruptions, lockdowns and limitations through parts of 2021, total luxury sales for 2021 are going to be in the green (YoY).

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