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Luxury Car Sales Dec 2020 – Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo

Mercedes Retail Sales Dec 2020
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FADA reports luxury car market vehicle registrations at a decline in December 2020

Demand for mass market passenger cars has picked up in recent months. Despite multiple hurdles, a number of manufacturers have been busy in the quarter ended December 2020. However, market activity for luxury car manufacturers didn’t quite pickup.

FADA reports December 2020 registration numbers at 29.12 percent decline. The association is unable to report retail details for AP, MP, LD & TS. This is because state details are not yet on Vahan 4. Resultantly, data was collated from 1,270 of 1,477 RTOs.

Mercedes Maintains Lead

Wholesales numbers from almost all luxury car manufacturers has not yet been made available. Luxury car wholesales had already begun taking a beating in 2019 as industry volume gain wasn’t achieved. At the top of the leaderboard, Mercedes-Benz India had reported double digit decline.

FADA retail details are indicative of market situation. Mercedes-Benz India retails for December 2020 are reported at 767 units, at 27.5 percent YoY decline. Volume loss stood at 291 units, down from 1,058 units. Despite slowdown, the company remains atop the table at 39.74 percent. MoM decline is reported at 14.49 percent, down from 897 units.

Luxury Car Retail Sales Dec 2020
Luxury Car Retail Sales Dec 2020 vs Dec 2019 (YoY) via FADA

BMW and Audi India Follow

Last week, BMW India reported wholesales for 2020. Sales declined to its lowest in 11 years. Group sales was reported at 6,604 units – BMW India at 6,092 units. And Mini India at 512 units. A decline of almost a third for BMW cars, down from 9k units in 2019. 9,000 BMW cars sold in Dec 2019. Mini sales decline was reported at 20.12 percent. Down 129 units from 641 units YoY.

BMW India retail sales last month was reported at 604 units. Volumes fell from 885 units at 291 units. YoY decline is reported at 31.75 percent. Market share stood at 31.30 percent. MoM retails declined by 17.03 percent, down from 728 units.

While Audi has long sat in third spot, it has in recent years lost its mojo. Once a brand that shook up the market to secure top spot, the going has been tough in recent years. 222 units are reported retailed for December 2020. Down 22.38 percent from 286 units. Market share was at 11.5 percent. MoM sales fell 5.93 percent. Down from 236 units.

Luxury Car Retail Sales Dec 2020
Luxury Car Retail Sales Dec 2020 vs Nov 2020 (MoM) via FADA

December 2020 retails down by 29.12 percent

Jaguar Land Rover retails are reported at 183 units, down from 310 units. JLR YoY decline stood at 40.97 percent. Market share is at just under 10 percent. MoM decline is reported 8.04 percent, down from 199 units. Volvo numbers were reported at a 123 units, down from 145 units. MoM decline was reported at 27.22 percent, down from 169 units. Though, all of the above manufacturers reported noticeable decline, their order in the list of top sellers remains unchanged.

The remainder of the luxury cars that retail are in the uber luxury segment. Porsche retails fell by a fourth at 24 units from 32 units. Mom decline was down by 3 units from 27 reported in November 2020. Last month a single unit of Lamborghini, and Ferrari were reported sold. Also 2 cars from Rolls Royce, and 3 from Bentley. Overall, 1,930 retail units were reported in December. At a decline of 29.12 percent, numbers fell from 2,723 units.

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