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Luxury Car Sales Jan 2021 – Mercedes, BMW, Audi, JLR, Volvo, Porsche, Ferrari

Mercedes Sales Jan 2021
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Luxury retail car sales decline in January 2021 is steep at 29.54 percent

FADA reported luxury car retail sales for January 2021 at a decline of about 40 percent. Data collated misses out on numbers from AP, MP, LD and TS, which aren’t on Vahan 4. Reported on February 7, 2021, registration data is representative of 1,273 of 1,480 RTOs.

Mercedes Benz India leads the table in a diminished capacity as of now. The year has been a particularly bad one for luxury car manufacturers, and the effects continue to influence the rest of the ongoing fiscal.

Mercedes-Benz India reported retail sales at 859 units, down from 1,202 units. Volumes fell by 343 units, down 28.54 percent. Market share (MS) is at 39.15 percent. MoM sales gain is reported at 11.99 percent, up from 767 units. In the YoY retail table, it was in fact BMW India that was at the top of the table a year earlier.

Luxury retail sales order unchanged

Last January BMW sat atop at 1,345 units reported. YoY retail sales fell to 703 units at volume gain of 642 units. Sales decline is reported at 47.73 percent. MS stood at 32.04 percent. The top two players captured over 70 percent of the now contracted market. MoM sales gain is reported at 16.39 percent, up from 604 units.

Luxury car sales Jan 2021
Luxury car sales Jan 2021 vs Jan 2020 (YoY) – FADA

Audi retails fell to 254 units, down from 421 units. Volume loss stood at 167 units at 39.67 percent. MS is reported at 11.58 percent. MoM sales grew 14.41 percent, up from 222 units. JLR units followed at 211 units, down from 409 units. Volume loss stood at 48.41 percent, and MS fell to 9.62 percent. MoM sales growth is reported at 15.30 percent.

Volvo sold over a 100 cars. YoY sales fell from 194 units at 43.81 percent decline. MS is at just under 5 percent. MoM retails fell by 11.38 percent, down from 123 units. As it stands, the following decline in 2019, 2020 has proven to be a sore scene. And sentiments around luxury car purchases are still awaiting a turnaround seeing what January reports stand at.

Uber luxury retail sales in Jan 21

Uber luxury cars compete in much smaller volumes. Porsche sales was reported at 46 units. MoM sales grew significantly, up from 24 units sold in December 2020. 7 Rolls Royce units were sold, and 3 of Ferrari. Both improved MoM. A unit each of Lamborghini, and Bentley were sold. Bentley had sold 3 units the month earlier.

Luxury car sales Jan 2021
Luxury car sales Jan 2021 vs Dec 2020 (MoM) – FADA

Total luxury car retails for January 2021 is reported at 2,194 units, down 39.54 percent from 3,629 units. Volume loss stood at 1,435 units. MoM growth is reported at 13.68 percent, up from 1,930 units.

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