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Driving a LUXURY car to Leh – Skoda Superb L&K reaches Khardung La, Pangong

Top of the line Skoda Super L&K (Laurin & Klement) is not only the top of the line luxury car from Skoda, but also one of the most luxurious car on offer in the segment today.

Now, this super luxury car, with a very powerful petrol engine, and ground clearance of about 150 mm, and a long wheelbase of 2842 mm, would it be able to survive the harsh road conditions on its way to Leh? Well, two friends from Delhi have managed to do just that.

Just last week we had shared the story of Dr Gagandeep Singh, who drove all the way to Leh with his family in Maruti Ciaz. Now, a week later, Gaurav Mahindra has shared his story about how he and his friend, Rajat Jain managed to drive all the way up to Leh and explore the Ladakh region in the luxury if his car.

An advocate by profession, Gaurav and Rajat (owner of the car) wanted to test whether a car like Skoda Superb would be able to make it to Leh or not. So, he along with his friend set out on a 13 day road trip.

To reach their destination, they chose to drive via the Srinagar route. Up until Srinagar, the roads were perfect. It was only after Srinagar, that the roads started to reduce in size, and also in quality. But, the duo kept themselves cocooned in luxury of leather seats, automatic AC, 8 airbags, state of the art music system, etc.

But the Skoda Superb L&K powered by a 1.8 liter petrol engine kept going – in spite of being a front wheel car. The engine delivers 180 PS and 250 Nm via automatic 7 speed DSG gearbox. Mileage the car gave in the region was in the region of 5-8 kmpl.

It took them 3 days to reach Leh. During their road trip, they also drove their car to Khardung La, Pangong Tso lake, Sumur, etc. Take a look at some photos from their journey below.

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