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Luxury cars – sedans and SUVs in India get offers & discounts to kickstart 2015 in style

Audi A4 – It is one of the best selling entry-level luxury cars in India, now available with various discounts tallying up to Rs. 5 lakhs from ex-showroom price.

BMW 3-Series – The close competitor for Audi A4 is also offered at discounted price, a very similar ‘up to’ Rs. 5 lakhs off.

Audi A6 – Moving up the league, in the mid-size luxury premium sedan segment lies Audi A6. It is offered with some saving schemes that might cut down its price by about Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 7 lakhs.

BMW 5-Series – Of course BMW follows. A6 rival 5-Series is also on the table with cash offers, but only up to Rs. 5 lakhs.

Mercedes Benz E-Class – The best seller in the segment taking on BMW 5-Series and Audi A6, and easily the most preferred luxury premium car in India, Mercedes E-Class, is given up to Rs. 4 lakh flat cash discount. Sounds like war.

Jaguar XF – Keeping its class up tight, but still wanting to enrol in the fight club, Jaguar XF is not given direct price cuts, but there are exchange offers on the table. Loyalty bonus of Rs. 75,000 if you’re already a JLR customer and simple exchange bonus of Rs. 50,000 if you trade in one of the select cars, are applicable, but varies from city to city. You might wanna take a friend along who bargains well.

Here is a list of discounts on simple hatchbacks for commute and weekend fun.

Audi Q3 – The best selling Audi in India, entry-level Q3 SUV can be purchased at up to Rs. 2 lakh off its price tag.

Audi Q5 – Audi Q3’s next big brother, Audi Q5, can be taken home at flat cash benefit of Rs. 4 lakh.

BMW X1 – Q3’s arch nemesis BMW X1 now sells for up to Rs. 5 lakhs shaved off the price tag.

BMW X3 – If you’re a Bimmer fan, you can join the Q5 rival club at up to Rs. 3 lakh off sticker price.

Via – Autocar India

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