Macedonia looks to TAFE in developing its agriculture sector

The Macedonian delegation looks at a possibility of forging a long lasting partnership with TAFE to develop the agriculture sector in Macedonia. TAFE has had a strong presence in the Macedonian market these past two decades to ensure a deep insight into customer needs. TAFE’s expertise extends beyond farm mechanization solutions.

TAFE India Macedonia
TAFE Chairman & CEO, Mallika Srinivasan hosted a meeting in honour of Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his delegation

TAFE provides integrated farm solutions via, JFarm suitable for small to large farms to enhance production and productivity with focus on nutrient management and low cost in-farm input creation. Efficiency is enhanced by mechanization, tested soil and water management practices, optimised crop and seed selection, advanced crop production and protection tech for farm profitability resulting in improved livelihood.

12% of GDP in Macedonia is contributed by agriculture, and this can grow further. Farming conditions here are similar to Indian conditions dependent on small farms and fragmented land holdings in large numbers. Macedonian agriculture comprises vegetables, fruits and vineyards requiring lower horsepower (Hp) tractors. TAFE has a stronghold in the 100 Hp tractor range.