Made in Pakistan Batmobile – by a fan who loves Batman

26-year-old Shaheer Khan has been an avid Batman aficionado since he was a child. He had always dreamed of owning one such vehicle as his very own and finally that dream has been fulfilled.

Shaheer who has followed Batman’s exploits through the years has now built himself his very own Batmobile. This fully functional replica of the Batmobile has taken him a year to complete.


The Batmobile built by Shaheer is not just any normal Batmobile but the most sinister and mysterious Tumbler. It has been built using a 1.6th scale replica model of the actual Batmobile seen in the movie and closely resembles the Tumbler replica built by Parker Brothers Concepts in Florida. Devoid of all the outstanding features seen on the actual model, this replica has been spared from accessories such as machine guns, hooks and oil slick dispensers.

Built of carbon fiber, the Tumbler Batmobile borrowed inspiration from the vehicle starring in ‘The Dark Knight’. It was built from scratch without any blueprints while Shaheer designed its interiors as per his own estimates. He fitted on machinery tyres for the four rear wheels while front tyres were from aircrafts.

The entire car was carved out and brought into shape entirely by hand without any mechanical intervention. The model was cast in wood prior to it being made out of carbon fiber. The Tumbler made by Shaheer does not open from the front like the Batmobile in the movie though it is identical in all other respects.