Maharashtra plans to relieve cars and LCVs from paying toll on highways

For the past few years, people of Kolhapur have been angry and complaining about toll plazas to Public Works Department for two main reasons. One is that the private companies which collect toll do not disclose the amount they have collected / recovered thus far, and other is that the roads for which tolls are levied, are (said to be) incomplete.

Mumbai Pune Expressway Toll Plaza
A similar criticism was witnessed concerning Panvel toll booth, to solve which the government exempted vehicles belonging to 32 villages near the toll booth from paying the passing fee.
Several controversies have been taking place and people have been opposing toll collection on city roads. To cool down the rising issues pertaining to toll collection on (city) highways, Government of Maharashtra has been looking for solutions.

Chandrakant Patil, PWD Minister, is planning to relieve passenger cars and probably Light Commercial Vehicles too, of paying tolls. To offset the losses road development companies would face, fee for Heavy Commercial Vehicles would be increased, probably by Rs. 50 or Rs. 70 for each pass.

This would not only go a long way in achieving peace but also in the government earning some good will from public.

Via – Economic Times